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Reprinted here by the author2004, c carley, all rights reserved.  No reproduction in any form allowed without express written permission from the author.

Introduction to the
Survival Guide to Online Video Poker
Published Oct. 8, 2004

(Video Poker Junkie's purely personal, and sometimes irreverent, views about video poker strategy and practices, personal tips for playing successful video poker, and discussions about specific aspects of video poker and video poker games.)

For years here on the internet, since launching my flagship site, Video Poker Junkie in December of 2000, I've had a bit of a running feud with the online video poker mathematicians (hereafter known as the "maths") about differences of opinions when it comes to strategy and the behavoir of video poker games. Because I don't have a formal education in mathematics I've deferred to them a lot, unable to keep up with their equations.

But I'm not a stupid child, mind you; 
my IQ surpasses the genius level (if you put any stock in that kind of thing). I have a different education in video poker than the "maths", that's all. I've been playing video poker 20 years now, come next year - since before most of the "maths" even started learning their mathematics.

I was there (ok, almost there) when they brought the first video poker machines into the casinos. I learned each game as it was created. I learned beside real video poker players, with real experience, sharing our stories and tips, figuring out beside each other the best way to play a hand that was dealt to one of us. (I still do that in land casinos, by the way) I learned by playing beside some of the workers from the very factories that built the video poker machines. I learned from the bartenders' stories at the video poker bars in casinos. I learned and I learned and I learned - the real way. And I think my track record with Royal Flushes here on the 'net alone speaks for itself.  (See the Video Poker Hall of Fame)

Now, to be absolutely clear about this,
I'm not out to contradict or agree with any one person's strategy and/or theory. I rarely read anyone else's strategy theories anymore because they so confused me when I first tried to read them a few years ago, that I quit. I know what I know what I know - know what I mean? Besides that, so many of them seem so obsessed with the "perfect strategy" that it takes the challenge and fun out of it, at least in my book. Video Poker is supposed to be, above all else, FUN.

Now that you know who I am, what my video poker "expertise" qualifications are
(is there a politically correct title for video poker "experts" yet?), and I have some time in my life to do this, I'm going to start writing some articles about video poker from my point of view - the trenches. Take from them what you will, or take nothing - it's your choice.  My only goal is to add a different perspective to the myriad of opinions out there that just might help you with one hand, one day. I'll only be writing these as I'm inspired to, so if you have something specific you'd like to see me discuss, please let me know. I hope you enjoy what's here and if anything I tell you helps you to win even one hand in your video poker playing, my job has been done.

Go forth and Royal.

Video Poker Basic Survival
I have two equally important #1 rules of video poker;

#1 - Always go for the highest hand possible; and
#1 - Sometimes it's better to take the safer route and save your money for the next hand.......

A Discussion of Microgaming's Aces & Faces Video Poker with Autohold
I have a Love-Hate relationship with this game.
What can I say? I love Microgaming casinos, but I don't love their video poker game selection....

Coming Soon.....

- Straight Flushes - Ego or Money?

- Which Online Casino Software Company's Video Poker Games are the Best?

2004, c carley, all rights reserved.  No reproduction in any form allowed without express written permission from the author.

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